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What do you want to see on this blog?

Posted by battye in Development, Moderating, Modifications, Styles, Support with the tags on April 14th, 2009

I touched on this in an article at my own site last month, but it is worth mentioning here as well.

This blog currently covers a wide range of topics relating to how to run your forum (How many forums should I create?, How Many Moderators Do You Really Need?, etc), to technical aspects about phpBB and MODs (Injection Vulnerabilities, Templating just got easier, etc) and even general posts about the phpBB project itself (Talkin bout Area51, Londonvasion Re-Cap – phpBB Ascraeus, etc). We would like some feedback from the community to get an idea about the sort of things you would like to read in the blog posts.

Our questions to you is: are there any topics in particular you would like to see posted in the blog? Are there other categories of articles (besides the ones mentioned above) which we need to focus on more?

Please give us your feedback by replying in the comments box below.