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phpBB Developer Documentation

Posted by nickvergessen in Development, Extensions with the tags , , , on July 5th, 2015

When the phpBB Team met in Prague last month for a short productivity meeting we achieved many things. We fixed bugs, worked on our bamboo infrastructure, reduced the size of the extension validation queue and worked on a new phpBB/Symfony Authentication bridge however one of the most significant things we did was start the base of our new developer documentation:

The plan with this documentation is to consolidate all core and extension development related information that is currently spread out on our wiki, Area51 (and a variety of other places) into one central location.

As a first step the “[HowTo] Convert a 3.0 modification into a 3.1 extension” tutorial was converted and is now available to view here.

Since then, we have ported over many many other Wiki pages and readmes to the new doc system including:

The documentation is written using rst and our documentation source can be found in the “development” folder of our pre-existing documentation repository:

We will be continuing to move existing documentation over the coming months and if you are familiar with rst and git(hub) and want to help, please do feel free to send pull requests. Whether it is with porting existing documentation over, fixing typos or even writing brand new pieces of documentation, every contribution is appreciated.

[Poll] Community Choice: Next Official Extension

Posted by MattF in Extensions with the tags on May 13th, 2015

The Extensions Development Team would like to ask you (again) to vote for another official extension!

Our previous community choice resulted in our Auto Groups and Pages extensions. We have a few more ideas and would like the community to help us decide which of them would be the most popular:

  • Advertisement Management – Ability to add multiple advertisements and display in various locations (header, footer, specific forums, etc.)
  • Google’s new reCAPTCHA – spam countermeasure, more information
  • Paypal Donations – Add donations with option to add users to groups based on payment
  • Welcome PM – send new users a customised welcome private message

Vote Now to be heard (until May 19)!

[Poll] Community Choice: Next Official Extension

Posted by EXreaction in Extensions with the tags on July 15th, 2014

The Extensions Development Team would like to ask you to vote for the next official extension!

We’ve compiled the following list for you to choose from:

  • Auto Groups – an extension which allows admins to configure conditions, e.g. reaching defined post count, membership days, or warnings, that will add users automatically to a defined usergroup.
  • Posting Templates – an extension that allows admins to create predefined/canned message templates that can be used when a user starts a new topic.
  • Paypal/Donation – a page for accepting donations through PayPal including the ability to add users who donate to a special group (Donor Group).
  • Pages – an extension that allows admins to create custom static pages for their forum.

Vote Now to be heard (until July 28)!