[Day 1 Progress Report] Appsterdam phpBB Hackathon

Posted by stevemaury in Events on November 10th, 2012

Appsterdam got off to a great start this morning as 17 team and community members met in Amsterdam to work on features and bug fixes for present and future versions of phpBB, the phpBB website, the Modifications and Styles databases, and systems for providing easier and more accessible ways for community involvement in the development process.
Some of the first day’s accomplishments were:

1.  Validation of many pending MODs and styles;
2.  Improvements to AutoMOD;
3.  Updated nearly 150 pending tracker tickets;
4.  Designed better functionality, navigation and layout for an improved Documentation system;
5.  Modernized the phpBB website;
6.  Development of a new notification system for PMs, subscriptions, new posts, etc. for version 3.1;
7.  Expansion and debugging of the search system for 3.1, which will also support Sphinx and Postgres backends;
8.  Worked on creation of a new “Idea Centre” for easier proposal of features and changes to phpBB by all members of the Community.
9.  Updating of a soft delete pull-request;
10. Revised existing documentation for version 3.1.
Contributing to these accomplishments were Arty, bantu, callumacrae, DavidIQ, Derky, Dhruv, EXreaction, igorw, Marc, Marshalrusty, MichaelC, naderman, nickvergessen, Paul, Raimon, stevemaury and tumba25.

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