Invading GitHub

Posted by igorw in Development, Modifications, Styles with the tags , , on November 13th, 2010

After the phpBB core migrated to GitHub earlier this year, most of the sub-projects have now been moved as well.

The initiative begun during the Libertyvasion conference, where we moved the UMIL, AutoMOD and MPV repositories. After that the customisation database and the support toolkit followed. Last night we moved the remaining MOD team projects: MODX, and the MODX Editor, Generator, Creator and finally QuickInstall.

I’m really excited about this relocation because of the huge contribution potential Git and GitHub have to offer. We have already seen a few translators take the hurdle to learn Git, and it makes the whole translation submission process a lot more open. There have also been a few patch contributions, and all I can say is keep those patches coming!

Now with all these public repositories accepting contributions, we need some guidelines. For this reason we came up with a set of Sub-Project Contribution Guidelines. We tried to keep them as short as possible, here is the substantial part:

  • Projects should be hosted on GitHub under the phpBB organization.
  • All work by team members should take place in the main repo.
  • Use of topic branches is very strongly encouraged.
  • Contributors _must_ use topic branches, foreign main branches are never merged.
  • Version tags must be fully lowercase and prepended by a ‘v’, for example ‘v1.0.0-rc1’.
  • Branch names should simply describe the topic and use hyphens, for example ‘quick-reply’ or ‘issue1234’.
  • Translations should have a branch named ‘intl-<lang>’, for example ‘intl-de’.
  • Projects with many core contributors can use forks.

Please do read the full guidelines, as they include some additional information.

I am happy to announce that we have completed our GitHub invasion and are feeling very much at home. Fork away!

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